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Construction services

Technical services

In delivering projects within these options, COROMO presents clients with a comprehensive range of technical service capabilities such as:

Site Selection

We analyze clients' proposed sites & make recommendations regarding factors such as foundations, existing hazards, drainage, accessibility, traffic control, availability of utilities, and building exposure.


Our project teams work closely with clients and architects to determine the best possible phasing and sequence of design and construction activities to expedite the completion of projects.


Based upon clients' programs, any conceptual documents provided by the architects, and our extensive cost database for similar completed work, we develop realistic assessments of project cost with which clients can establish budgets. At this point, cash flow analysis can be generated to help our clients to anticipate cash requirements and associated debt service.


As the design progresses, COROMO provides accurate, updated estimates at key document stages. This allows the project team to make necessary adjustments to keep projects within budget.

Value Engineering

COROMO makes suggestions beginning early in design " when there is the most potential for value enhancement " on ways to reduce cost without jeopardizing design integrity.

Constructability Review

COROMO protects clients' interests by helping project teams to avoid mistakes and optimize value. Early and often throughout design, our construction professionals review the documents for coordination, materials compatibility, tolerances, and means and methods.

Mechanical/Electrical Assistance

COROMO is unique in its ability to provide clients with the assurance of a better operating facility at a reduced cost through in-house mechanical and electrical review and coordination. Our group of professional engineers, and installation specialists provide cost checks, value analysis, constructability review, and scheduling.

Bid Packaging

COROMO works with architects to break the work down into packages that ensure maximum market coverage and optimum price competition.


Trade contractors and suppliers are pre-qualified to ensure their capability to perform on each project. On negotiated projects, we solicit input and approval from clients before making awards..