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Construction services

Control systems

Success results from proven methods and systems to stringent control.

Cost Control

COROMO's proven systems and procedures ensure that on negotiated projects, our open-book, up-to-date assessments of current and projected costs are available to our clients at all times.

Schedule Control

COROMO's project teams develop the logic network for each project and continually update the schedules. This is done on-site by the people who know the project and the client's needs.


COROMO has an attitude about quality. It is our policy that close is simply not acceptable. It is conformance to plans and specifications and nothing less. Our project team will make quality the focal point from the beginning of our involvement.


Safety is paramount in construction. Our project teams, along with our corporate safety director, work closely with clients to meld our stringent Safety and Loss Prevention Program with their specific requirements. We all have excellent reputations to maintain. More importantly, none of us wish the health and welfare of anyone jeopardized.

Information Control

COROMO has the flexibility to meet our clients' information needs through a variety of state-of-the-industry software packages. These systems ensure our ability to anticipate versus react to situations that arise.